Servers are currently under re-development. Due to this there may be more then one restart per day
- Lunatic Team


Who's behind this majestic network?
Our owners Morgazmo and Illusive started the network in 2019 with the aims of providing a stable, fun and balanced community driven cluster. We have admins in EU, US and Australia to cover most time zones.

What are the server settings?
We have 3x harvesting and XP, 10x breeding and taming.

Why so few maps?
We noticed on many other clusters that maps like Extinction, Center and Aberration have a generally lower player base. We have high player limits so we have two main servers, Island and Ragnarok and an Event Server.

What's an Event Server?
Our Event Server will rotate fortnightly to a new map or unique play mode. This allows players to still fight other map bosses and also try out other mods. Sometimes the event may be a server with mods or settings that are considered OP, in this case transfers off this server will be disabled for tames/items and are purely intended for fun. Other events may be a PvP server with boosted rates/drops or custom map.
Note: Players must not leave their character on the Event Server before the 1st and 15th to prevent losses when it changes to a map.

Why don't Gachas spawn on Extinction?
We have removed Gachas as they break all farming mechanics and can be exploited too easily.